Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gayle King, big butt white woman?

A well-intentioned white woman approached me in the grocery store and asked me if anybody had ever told me that I looked like Gayle King. They had. I don’t. Indeed, many consider Gayle King to be a delish woman of color, but I don’t look anything like her.

Although we have the same hair color, occasionally sport bangs, and...well never mind.

The other day when I was hanging out with my well-intentioned inebriated aunt she told me, “ I hate black people. I love real niggas.” Sometimes when you don’t agree with a drunk relatives bullshit rhetoric, they accuse you of being a fake black person. I’m not. But like most people, I have a certain standard that I live by, as does my aunt when she’s not fucked up drinking.

Recently, Gayle King’s radio program begin airing in our town. My aunt hates Gayle King’s show as do some blacks in our city. Some believe that her show touches on topics that are out of touch with black Americans.

Question. Is Gayle King’s show out of touch with black America, and if so does it matter? Have you listened to the Gayle King show? If so, what do you think about the show?

Oh, do tell in the comment section below.


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